A sponsorship can provide your company with tangible and intangible business benefits which flow from the publicity of sponsoring a popular athlete with local or international marquee value.

You can sponsor an athlete and enjoy his endorsement of your company. There are options and financial advantages of an early sponsorship.

If you haven't decided on an athlete yet and have special requests or sponsoring criteria -- for example, if you want an athlete from a particular country who is fluent in a particular language to endorse your product or services -- please let us know in your registration.

This site is for well-known athletes to register and "call out" to challenge for a fight in the off season other super stars in his sport or another sport (other than boxing) from your country.

If you know of a well-known excellent athlete in your country whom you think would be a very competitive and a popular draw in a fight and you would like to be his sponsor, please include the information in your registration.

To become a corporate or individual sponsor, complete the following Sponsor's Registration.



Name of Company
Street Address
City State Zip Code Country
E-mail Web Site Address
Corporate Product or Services Offered
Gross Annual Income
Number of Employees Number of Salespeople
Number of states in which you do business
Countries in which you do business

Officer or principal to contact:
Name Title
Telephone Fax
Originator's Name Title
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Special interests or athlete criteria


First Name Last Name Age
Employer Title
Telephone Fax Number
E-mail Web Site Address

In order that the athlete may be familiar with a prospective sponsor, please
provide us with the following information, which will be held in confidence:

Approximate annual income Estimated net worth
College/University Attended Degree(s)

Former boxer? Yes No     Coach? Yes No     Manager? Yes No
Are you a promoter? Yes No  Current or former partner in a boxer? Yes No
Do you watch the fights on TV? Yes No     Pay-per-view? Yes No
Do you attend live title fights? Las Vegas Atlantic City Other Cities

Are you interested participating with someone else in your sponsorship? Yes No    
Any other interest in boxing?
How did you find FightOffSeason.com?
Requests or special recruiting criteria relating to your interest in sponsoring a
heavyweight athlete

Upon receiving your completed registration, we will contact you regarding your interest as a Corporate or Individual Sponsor. Your registration information will be held in confidence.

Thank you.

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