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Features with Strong Functional Value

Visitors will initially be offered their choice of a number of free emailed Alerts similar to ESPN Apps simply by completing a registration questionnaire which will provide Fighters Online with, among other things, their email address, zip code, and boxer and opponent preferences. Fan email addresses and zip codes for fan base location, their favorite boxers and opponents, and their favorite weight class are valuable marketing data to everyone in the boxing business.


All registered boxers, their trainers, managers, and boxing fans may elect to receive a daily email "ArticleAlert," similar to a Google Alert, a notification of new articles about the boxer posted in their personal Fan Scrapbook Page for reading on their smartphone app.


Every fight fan's dream is to be notified by email when one of his favorite boxers is fighting, and on which TV channel in his area. TV guides will list the fights but don't list who's fighting. No longer will the fan have to put it on his calendar. He'll be notified five day's before, one day before, then the morning of the day of his fight.

FightAlert registration questionnaire will be customized for a variety of the fan's preferences expressed in our Fan Polling, including notification when two of favorites are fighting or the highest scoring boxers on performance data are fighting. We will offer them the option to be notified when any undefeated boxer with 10 or more fights is fighting, or any top-ten fighter in the fan's favorite weight class. The fan customizes FightAlert himself. They will love FightAlert. It will drive up our ratings and revenue from hundreds of millions of the world's fans.

This will be a valuable marketing tool for savvy promoters and venues to develop live gates and marquee value and receive valuable marketing information on fan preferences and fan base location. Promoters will encourage every sports writer to suggest that boxing fans go to Fighters Online and register for the FightAlert.


ChallengeAlert will be every boxer's dream. Boxers and designated sports writers, etc., will be notified every time a boxer challenges him to fight. Boxers will run to access the Challengers listed at their website to see who wants to fight him and when and where.

One writer quoted Floyd Mayweather's rationale for buying back his contract from Bob Arum (for $750K) to become a free agent. Mayweather said, "I want to fight who I want to fight, when I want to fight him, and where." ChallengeAlert would be perfect for Mayweather or any boxer. He'll be able to tailor his challenges as to who he wants to fight and when and where. With our world market and revenue sharing model, purses are no longer an issue. Every free agent boxer using our matchmaking and marketing features will feel the same.

Boxers can customize ChallengeAlerts to designate who receives alerts of their challenges in addition to the boxer challenged. They may want to select specific promoters, venues, and media to also receive their ChallengeAlert each time they challenge another boxer. This is a dream feature for the boxer's publicist.


AcceptanceAlert is a great feature for everyone in the fight business. Boxers and their managers and trainers will all want to know immediately when and which one of their fighter's challenges has been accepted.

Since an Acceptance of a Challenge becomes a Made Fight which is transferred (as a fight for sale) to the database of Made Fights, fans of both boxers, promoters, their booking agents, freelance matchmakers, and venues will all register for this feature. They will all want immediate notification when a challenge is accepted. They will run to access Made Fights to get a leg-up on other promoters interested in the fight.


buying fights. VenueAlert will enable venues to receive immediate notification of a challenge accepted. It may be between local fighters they want to have fight in their venue. They may, because of the ease of using GetAFight, want to expand their promoter base -- or consider promoting the card themselves and assigning matchmaking chores to their own Director of Special Events. In the past, they may have established exclusive working relationships and site fee arrangements with promoters they feel comfortable with because of the past difficulty of matchmaking.


A high level of competition exists between promoters for marketable opponents with credible records. Two prominent matchmakers for different Las Vegas promoters commented at a recent Nevada Athletic Commission meeting that they were fighting with each other over the same "opponents" (fighters who look good on paper -- have good records but have never fought any opponents with good records). Fighters who are "opponents" don't realize how in demand they are (they would if they registered with Fighters Online.

PromoterAlert will be a premium customized service where email alerts are immediately sent to promoters when a marketable opponent either challenges or accepts a challenge by one of their fighters. The service lets promoters bid on matches as soon as they are made with fighters they have flagged.

Promoters can also elect to receive email VenueAlerts (above) about venues which have bids in for particular dates, fights, or fighters at Site Fee Auction, or a topic of particular interest.

The number of fighters, venues, and business topics upon which each promoter can elect to receive immediate alerts will depend on the franchise premium level. This feature will have great value to promoters.

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