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Special Matchmaking and Marketing Technology

The math benefits of Metcalf's Law that applies to the heavyweight matchmaking features were designed not only for heavyweight free agent boxers, but also for heavyweights who have excelled in another sport and have developed a high marquee value in many counties where they and their sport, e.g., huge rugby players, are very popular. They have an opportunity to capitalize on their international marquee value and earn unprecedented royalties in one fight, as well as foreign advertising in many countries. Our features will enable them to challenge other heavyweights who have achieved a similar marquee value in their sport.

Fight Off Season

Heavyweight Fighters Online has drop-down menus and other features that will have a strong appeal to many of the other huge heavyweights from their sport. The opportunity they all will have whether they're retired or close to retirement, or are just between seasons, they will see the opportunity.

Unique Opportunity

The special opportunity they have is new and subtle. It is not available to the world's up-and-coming heavyweight boxers, even the World Champions. It's ridiculous to suggest that they could attract even their most ardent boxing fans to pay to watch them make a fool of themselves online by competing in a rugby game.

Most of them have never trained in boxing, but just about every "rugger" I've seen on the rugby field can "fight" and would fight at the drop of a hat. Those over 275-lbs with a smart boxing coach could focus for 90 days training to "fight."

There's an expression in boxing that is apropos: "You fight a boxer and you box a fighter." We will create teams and train them to fight. They will not only surprise the world of rugby, but using Fighters Online patented technology especially designed for them to create digital fight content and the technology to market and distribute that digital product to a new world market and make a million in royalties.

Heavyweight Fighters Online has the matchmaking and marketing technology designed with extraordinary heavyweights in mind.

New Heavyweights from Other Sports

Some heavyweights from other sports have a marquee value that you can capitalize on by using GetAFight and Made Fights marketing technology designed so you could create digital heavyweight fight content for a new worldwide market.

The value of your popularity with tens of millions of fans of another sport in which you excelled, viz., rugby (or even cricket) in many countries can be converted into royalties by registering to use GetAFight. It has special databases and other features that were developed to give you access to unprecedented online opportunities.

They are simple but sophisticated features to create marketable digital fight content on the Internet, eventually by using a handheld smartphone with a GetAFight app to give you access anytime, anywhere, to receive challenges and send accepted challenges from a large number and variety of other weight classes, including Heavyweights, all of whom will fight exclusively for Heavyweight Fighters Online.

Heavyweights will be offered functionally sortable databases of Heavyweights from all sports, not only boxing, but also rugby, football, wrestling, and basketball.

Challenges accepted are transferred to and become part of the Heavyweights Fighters Online sortable database of Made Fight digital content created by Heavyweights who fight exclusively for Heavyweights Fighters Online.

Fighters Online designed a patented system with key components which create strong relationships between the fighters and promoters. The fights made by the fighters create for the promoters' use a database of Heavyweight Made Fights.

The fighters create an extraordinary asset for the exclusive use of Heavyweights Fighters Online Promoters: A database of All-Heavyweight Made Fights

Heavyweights Fighters Online will offer patented Marketing Technology to select Promoters to create All-Heavyweight Cards. Heavyweights Fighters Online marketing technology will enable the Promoters to market and distribute the digital promotion products worldwide.

Digital All-Heavyweight Shows are digital products developed by the Heavyweights Fighters Online Promoter. The exclusive use of the Made Fight Database created by the Matchmaking by the HFO Heavyweights in ALL sports for the exclusive use of the HFO Promoters is a revolutionary business model.

Heavyweights Fighters Online will select a number of the most skilled Promoters in the world from metropolitan areas according to the Heavyweights from all sports in the Promoters' geographical area.

A Revolutionary Model

The heavyweight athletes from other sports who register will be able to challenge not only any other registered heavyweight boxer, but also challenge and make matches with their colleague heavyweights from professional football, wrestling, basketball, and rugby. These matches will draw millions of their sports viewers from many countries according to fan polling and Twitter followers.

Many of these extraordinary athletes would like to challenge other heavyweights from their sport who also have strong marquee value. Their fans will be polled as to their preferred opponents. Many 300-lb heavyweights from football and rugby have enormous potential royalties in their first fight as heavyweight boxers on the world's broadband television and will issue dozens of challenges.

Challenges and accepted challenges will be listed on each athlete's website, Facebook page, and tweeted to their followers. Twitter will help these heavyweights stay connected to their sport's fans. We intend to use Twitter to quickly share information about challenges and acceptances with boxers and their fans. Through fan polling, we will gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with boxing fans, boxers, fans of other sports, and promoters.

Heavyweights Will Be Popular Users of the Technology

Once the heavyweight registrations are developed, Heavyweights Fighters Online will demonstrate the creation of an abundance of heavyweight made fights and highly marketable digital content. Promoters who are members of the Heavyweights Fighters Online Promoters Association will be eager to review the results of their Associates' use of the revolutionary matchmaking technology. They will find it easy to reach the number and quality of all-heavyweight promotions that have previously been difficult to achieve in the pre-digital technology era. A series of all-heavyweight cards and the transition to a World Heavyweight Association of team franchises will be relatively easy.

The math phenomena peculiar to networking between members of a network group applies to fighters in any weight class with the fighter's weight class being their network group. Each heavyweight will be connected to the other heavyweights within the heavyweight network group.

The phenomena of this connectivity within groups on the Internet is particularly valuable in the heavyweight division since it creates an extraordinary number of heavyweight fights, enabling promoters to create an unprecedented number of highly marketable all-heavyweight cards.

The Timing of Achieving Our Goal

The heavyweights and promoter licensees of Heavyweights Fighters Online, Inc. are fortunate to receive and use the exclusive rights to use our patented matchmaking method to create, own, and market digital fight content to hundreds of millions of heavyweight fans.

The heavyweights and promoters will receive the free exclusive rights to use the technologies required to create and market to subscribers a digital fight product. They are blessed that the critical technology has only been recently been completed to distribute the volume needed to meet the enormous demand of consumers in over 800 million homes for consumption in 145 countries.

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