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When two heavyweight teams fight, they all win big, especially the fans.

Revolutionary Matchmaking

Matchmaking Technology for Heavyweight Boxers
and Extraordinary Heavyweights from Other Sports

An Unprecedented Database of Made Fights Has Valuable
Sorting Features for Promoters, Casinos, and Sports Venues

Heavyweights Make Their Own Fights

Making Challenges

All active or inactive extraordinary heavyweight athletes from 220-lbs up from any sport will be able to access and sort a database of hundreds, maybe thousands, of heavyweights in a variety of ways useful for reviewing and evaluating possible opponents. They may want to list every heavyweight in selected sports and locations and click over to the homepage of each heavyweight on the list to examine their record in their sport and videos. If it's someone they decide they'd like to fight. They can issue a challenge -- call them out -- knowing that each heavyweight they challenge will receive an instant email ChallengeAlert or voice mail on their Handheld GetAFight notifying them of the challenge and the terms.

Heavyweights registered with Heavyweight Fighters Online (HFO) will be notified of each challenge and will be able to go to their personal webpage and link to their "Page of Challenges" and arrange and rearrange the list of challenges according to the challengers' records, asking purses, time, and location. After analyzing the records of challengers and their athletic background, they can pick challenges to accept.

Accepting Challenges

All heavyweights would like to receive an instant message or voice mail on their cell phone or Handheld "GetAFight" every time they are challenged by another heavyweight and then be able to go online to their homepage and review all their challenges, click over to each challenger's homepage and examine their record, review videos of past fights or games, and then go back to their own homepage and select the challenges they want to accept.

An active 28 year old, 235 lb 6' 3" boxer with an 8-0 (5 KO's) record may Tweet a highly publicized challenge to a well-known, retired 34 year old 285 lb retired NFl football player with much stronger marquee value. For example, see Fight Off Season.

If the retired NFL tackle is willing to share his marquee value with the lesser known, more experienced smaller and younger heavyweight boxer, he may accept the challenge. There are many extraordinary heavyweights from other sports who would like an opportunity to capitalize on

If the challenged heavyweight accepts the retired NFL football player's challenge, the boxer issuing the challenge will receive back an email or voice mail notifying him that his challenge was accepted -- all in real-time. Hundreds of huge heavyweight athletes playing rugby, football, or basketball will keep their Handheld GetAFight or net-ready cell phone handy for receiving emailed ChallengeAlerts and AcceptanceAlerts.

Free Agent Heavyweights Create Promoters' Made Fight Database

As challenges are accepted, they will be transferred to a database of accepted challenges (Made Fights). It lists the fights with accessible terms. Fighters Online licensed promoters have term-limited preferred selections of the fights listed in Made Fights for Fighters Online cards. Every promoter in the world will keep their net-ready cell phone handy for receiving emailed PromoterAlerts.

Matchmaking Technology: Make Your Own Fights
Every Boxers Dream: Royalties and Residuals

In a new world market opened by new distribution technology, all boxers who register with Fighters Online will receive numerous instant emails on their cell phones every time they are challenged by another registered boxer or an athlete from another sport.

He will then be able to go to his Fighters Online personal webpage and review the list of boxers who have challenged him. He will then be able to click on the button labeled "Challengers" and review the names of the numerous boxers who have challenged him, including the most recent Challenge. Then, by clicking his mouse on one of the other buttons, he can arrange the list of Challengers according to the date they will be ready to compete, their number of fights, win-loss record, zip code, choice of city and venue, and fan polling.

Each boxer's personal website will include a Fan Page listing their fans' preferences of his opponents. Then, by clicking a Challenger's name with his mouse, he will be taken to the Challenger's personal website, where he can examine their record and he (or his fan) can view his past fights or performances in the other sport which they played.

The Challenger's website also has a section listing the names of his "Challengers." There is a button beside each name listed which is marked "Accepted." Beside the Challenger's name is also a button titled "Terms" which states the earliest time he will be ready to fight, the amount of his advanced travel costs and per diem, and his preferred venue locations. The Challenged heavyweight accepts or modifies the Challenger's Terms simply by clicking his mouse on "Terms and Conditions of Acceptance" where he can respond with identical data regarding the earliest time he will ready, the amount of his advanced expenses or an "Unconditional Acceptance."

When Terms are Accepted by both boxers, their names are transferred to a functionally sortable database of "Made Fights."

A Large Database of Made Fights
Every Promoter's Dream: A Large Sortable Database of Made Fights

Made Fights is as much of a dream for the exclusive use of our promoters as the Matchmaking is for our free agent boxers. They are complementary and each adds value to the other.

Our EmailAlert system is functionally personalized and is part of attracting registration to drive traffic from the entire fight industry, plus some, to our website. It will enhance the value of our fan polling, a critically important feature to boxers' and their fans when choosing boxers to challenge and to promoters when choosing fights.

Our promoters will promote exclusively Fighters Online cards. These shows are will all be highly marketable due to the sophisticated selection process. They will be comprised of boxers who have registered with Fighters Online. Registration will entitle them to the exclusive use of our Matchmaking technology to make fights with our other free agent boxers. Our promoters will only promote fights involving our registered boxers. This reciprocal exclusivity will produce digital content with the highest value of any digital fight content -- even an unprecedented number of all-heavyweight cards of heavyweights that polling tells us consistently put on exciting fights.

Fighters Online will promote in a variety of venues and cities. They will create highly marketable content in a number of weight classes, male and female, for a huge world market recently opened by new digital technology.

All-heavyweight male and female fight cards may turn out to have the highest digital content value. The ownership of the individual digital fight content will remain by law with the two creators, the two fighters fighting. and will earn them extraordinary royalties.

This digital content will be distributed to a new huge and growing world market of hundreds of millions of consumers whose demand is growing rapidly for live quality digital fight content. This new world market was created by the remarkable timing of converging technologies for distributing a sufficiently large amount of high quality digital content at speeds which will permit our promoters to coordinate the creation of our all-heavyweight shows so they can be distributed "live."

A Historical Precedent

A Highly Marketable Product in a Huge Exploding Market

Fighters Online will be the first to offer free agency and patented Matchmaking technology. This is a historical precedent setting opportunity for all of the world's free agent boxers. Maybe more importantly, it is an especially unique opportunity for heavyweight athletes from other sports.

The Unique Value of the Product

Many of these heavyweight athlete playing other sports have marquee value specific to their sport. They have a yet to be discovered potential market value. Our Matchmaking and Marketing technology will offer them opportunity to earn royalties by using our Matchmaking, GetAFight, and create digital fight content in this new worldwide online market opened by digital technology.

The matchmaking technology of GetAFight gives them great unrealized foreign advertising value which, in many cases, will have a much greater value than a current World Heavyweight Boxing whose fans and earnings are limited by current television technology and the long-term fight contracts (with options) which have created conditions where the most prominent and dominate boxing promoters and major television and pay-per-view distribution technology will severely limits their earnings.

When the current boxing champions see our matchmaking technology and start calculating and comparing their purses to the potential earnings of the prominent boxers using our matchmaking, especially those who have recently retired from the NBA and NFL who have challenged and accepted challenges from other NBA or NFL heavyweights who are only prominent to sports fans in the U. S. Even the huge heavyweight rugby players who are virtually unknown to the fight fans in the U. S.but are hugely popular with millions of rugby fans in dozens of countries, have enormous potential in their first fight with another popular rugby player, who have both demonstrated on the rugby field that they can and like to fight. They have special "first-fight" potential in this new worldwide market for digital sports content.

The Huge Market

Some of these rugby players are from New Zealand, Western Samoa, or South Africa but have world marquee value in many countries where rugby has millions of fanatical fans. Many are near retirement, are large, strong and fast heavyweights who can and like to fight. They are virtually unknown in the U. S. They have great marquee value in this new worldwide market for digital fight content. It's a new world, a world of new digital technology which, when combined with our Matchmaking, has the potential to earn them huge royalties in a worldwide market of hundreds of millions of rugby fans. These are fans who would pay to see a highly publicized heavyweight fight between two prominent retiring rugby stars.

This is a largely untapped source for large royalties for heavyweight athletes from other sports. The remarkable athletes are heavyweights of above average size, strength, and speed who have demonstrated on the court or field that they can fight, like to fight, and will fight at the drop of a hat. We've seen them thrown out of the game.

Many have recently retired or are near retirement. The "ruggers" are virtually unknown in the U. S. , but uniquely have a contrasting marquee value in the world.

These are rare products in this new digital world. They are digital products. This is a new worldwide market that they will recognize when they hear our rational in the gyms and read about it in the sports pages when they receive our "ArticalAlert" for their "Fight Scrapbook" we provide. Because this market is so new and just recently created by sophisticated technologists, the size of the market is undetermined. It is a market whose existence and size are yet unknown to many, at least unfamiliar, to most.

It's a market with a phenomenal growth potential and a size approaching a billion customers. It includes millions of rugby fans and fans of other sports worldwide, all of whom would pay to see a highly publicized heavyweight fight between two prominent retiring heavyweights from rugby, NBA or NFL. This is a very marketable digital product for sure.

Fighters Online is a "Virtual" Promoter and Matchmaker

Fighters Online will be the sole promoter, a virtual promoter if you will, with the first and only Matchmaking technology that is suited to be the virtual matchmaker for promoters and free agents.

This technology is especially appropriate for those athletes with high marquee value from other sports. They will earn enormous royalties. All of their digital fight content will singularly stand out, even on our all-heavyweight cards of boxers which will also have great appeal to world markets.

These fights between athletes from other sports are world market products only because they are digital human products with a marquee value which can only be translated into immense royalties by our Matchmaking and Marketing technology.

These are not fight fans. These are fans of the other sport with very large athletes who have demonstrated on the court and field that their fights are not only exciting, but it often appears that they like to fight and can fight and often at the drop of a hat.

Fighters Online will market the digital content they create to millions of passionate fans in dozens of countries allover the world. They have had yeas of success in their sport and know that their fans would all watch them fight online, even if they only fought once. Their marquee value in rugby, basketball, or football will carry over to create highly valuable digital fight products with great potential for earning unprecedented royalties.

Technology in the digital world has created worldwide markets for products that in other businesses would create a huge gold rush and a plethora of opportunity to make millionaires in record numbers.

A Dream for ALL Boxers and All Promoters

This highly marketable huge database of Made Fights, although primarily a dream feature for promoters, has the potential for all of the boxers to earn unprecedented royalties. The Matchmaking is a dream for promoters. Combined, they will change an entire industry.

Our new precedent setting revenue sharing model gives the boxers and promoters a majority of the entire gross royalties which will be apportioned using an equitable formula developed and audited at regular intervals by an international accredited CPA firm. The boxers and promoters will also receive an equitable share of the revenue from all other sources, including foreign and domestic advertising.

The Matchmaking will respond to the demand by creating digital content with great value not only because of its uniqueness, but also because of the size of this new world market, the unique ability of new digital technology to tap it, and the Matchmaking technology which gives the boxers the ability to leverage all of the foregoing.

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