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Self-Made Fights Created by Heavyweight Boxers
and Heavyweight Natural Fighters from Other Sports

Promoter-Licensees Will Have a
Special Asset for Creating Quality Shows

Phenomenal Network Effect of Matchmaking

Our Made Fight database is a promoter's dream: an extraordinary number of made fights for promoters to choose "the cream of the cream" in making their cards.disproportionately high compared to the number of free agent boxers who made the fights.

The Made Fight database will be comprised of free agent boxers, male and female, free agent heavyweight boxers and heavyweight athletes from other sports who have registered to fight. Some extraordinary heavyweights from other sports have not only demonstrated on the basketball court, football or rugby field, that they can "fight", like to fight and will fight. They have a marquee value that would earn a large royalty in their first fight, especially if they fought one of their colleagues i their sport who also had marquee value in that sport.

The heavyweights in Made Fights have not only agreed to fight, but also on the who, when, and where. This is free agency with wheels.

This highly valuable content can be customized by promoters according to their needs. They can sort and resort the database in a variety of ways for evaluating each fight according to its proximity to the venue, boxers' records, performance data, fan polling and minimum purse budget to cover travel expenses and per diem.

Fan polling and tracking, ratings, and other market data will indicate each fight's demand and location of each fighter's fan base.

Promoters, event managers of venues, and television sports producers will be enthusiastic about Made Fights. They will check it several times a day to evaluate the latest fights and be the first to buy the best new made fight.

A highly sortable database of fighters who have not only agreed to fight, but also on the who, when, and where, is unprecedented and will have valuable advantages to promoters, especially the new promoters and venues who decide to do their own promoting.

PromoterAlert will apprise premium subscribers immediately of new fights appearing in the database which meet their preselected criteria.

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