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Math Phenomena of Connectivity in Patented Matchmaking
Fighters Online Heavyweights will create, and their fans will
discover, the unprecedented drama of an all-heavyweight fight card.

The demand, marquee value, and Made Fights database 
will grow
exponentially as the number of registered heavyweights grow.
New interactive sports polling technology will accelerate
the growth of high demand Made Fights between popular
heavyweight athletes from sports in many countries.  

Exponential Growth of Made Fight Database is a Huge Advantage

Our unique and patented matchmaking technology has huge income potential due to math advantages applicable to the connectivity within social network groups on the Internet. This produces results which will surprise our free agent boxers and licensee-promoters. This mathematical anomaly applies to the network connectivity in all social network groups on the Internet. Facebook uses it.

Every free agent in every weight class is, in Internet vernacular, a member of a social network group. As each additional fighter in a weight class registers and signs the license and profit sharing agreement, the boxer will begin making and accepting challenges from the other boxers in his or her weight class. The result for any given number of boxers registering, is a exponentially higher number of made fights in that weight class.

This mathematical anomaly will always lead to a disproportionately higher number of made fights in the weight class than the total number of free agent boxers in that weight class. This gives Fighters Online's boxers and promoters a huge advantage in creating quality high-demand digital products (digital fight content) in meeting the extraordinary increases in demand in existing markets and the new huge markets that have continued to grow and become progressively accessable only because of newly developed digital distribution technology.

Heavyweights Start with an Advantage

The heavyweight division has always had the largest universe of fans. Showing of all-heavyweight cards will have the highest career value to the fighters. Promoters will always consider Made Fights in the weight division with the greatest potential market value.

A CPA firm in New York City did a financial study several years ago on the boxing business in New Jersey and Nevada, two of the largest boxing states. The report concluded that although the heavyweight boxers in the U. S. comprised only 10% of the fighters, their earnings were 90% of the total purses.

Fighters Online's Advantage in Meeting the Worldwide Demand

To illustrate with a hypothetical case that applies to ALL weight divisions, let's use the heavyweight division for purposes of pointing out the math effect and income advantages of our free agent matchmaking technology for all weight divisions.

Assume that immediately after a free agent heavyweight registers, there are a total of 10 heavyweights registered in the heavyweight database with information about each boxer which is sortable to group them in a number of ways very useful to the boxer in making fights. Each boxer and promoter will have their own personalized webpage with highly desired features. Assume they are all eager for a fight, and they all challenge each of the other nine heavyweights and they each accept their nine challenges.

These 10 heavyweights would create 45 fights. All 45 fights would be transferred to and listed in a database of Made Fights, also sortable so they can be arranged and grouped in ways that are highly useful for promoters to choose the most marketable, highest earnings fights- a win-win-win situation. Here's the icing on the cake.

When 5 more heavyweights register and they each challenge the other 14 heavyweights, the 15 heavyweights would create 105 fights. The additional 5 heavyweights would create an additional 60 fights for a total of 105 fights. That is a promoter's and matchmaker's dream come true.

As more heavyweights register, the number of potential made fights will always increase exponentially. The potential made fights in the database will increase exponentially and become approximately the number in the heavyweight weight class squared.

This math phenomena of social network groups has exciting possibilities for our promoters. They will consider this a very rare opportunity. It's a dream come true to have access to an exploding inventory sortable into a list of all-heavyweight made fight content and have the technology and business model to develop and distribute on a continuing basis all-heavyweight cards, or cards of all undefeated boxers in a variety of weight classes, all digital content in high demand, for a new market of 800 million boxing fans.

All-Heavyweight Fight Cards
Highly Marketable Digital Product

The heavyweights are the most popular weight class and are the fewest in number. They historically have had the largest universe of fans. The TV ratings, live gates, and the average pay-per-view buys for cards featuring a popular heavyweight has over the years exceeded significantly the overall average. All-heavyweight cards of the Fighters Online licensee-promoters will likely have a high live gate and pay-per-view value on our digital fight channel.

New revenue sharing models between boxers and promoters will be similar to profit-sharing and benefits of partnerships. This new partnership model will restructure the incentives, level the playing field, and greatly increase the subscription revenue from streaming quality videos of the boxing cards to the world's boxing fans on new digital distribution channels.

Boxers deserve free agency and consistent increases in number and value of their fights from one show to another. Most promoters need the assistance of an experienced television sports production team to produce high quality commentary and production value for streaming online. Each Fighters Online licensee-promoter will be required to have a strong video production and fight commentary team to create and simultaneously distribute quality digital fight content.

Fighters Online has a patent on its matchmaking, marketing and revenue sharing. Their technology will create a large number of digital fight content, fights with boxers unencumbered by contracts with promoters. It offers boxers and promoters the opportunity to partner with other Fighters Online promoters to develop new models afforded by technology.

Some Real World Heavyweight Numbers

One critical aspect of our patented online matchmaking to keep in mind is fundamental to an understanding of its potential. The number of heavyweight fights possible is extraordinary. The unique math applies to what is termed a "social network group." In Internet vernacular, every weight division would be considered a "social network group>"

This connectivity between heavyweights who agree to fight exclusively for Fighters Online has great value to all boxers and promoters who fight and promote exclusively for Fighters Online. Our patented process of challenging and accepting of challenges gives rise to this extraordinary value.

The heavyweight boxers, because of the drama they create, their high marketability, and the fact that there are just under 1,200 in the world (349 active pro heavyweight boxers are in the U.S.), the Fighters Online promoters will be able to easily create an unprecedented number of all-heavyweight cards. It could lead to the creation of Heavyweight Team Franchises modeled after some of the policies of the NFL, even with worldwide recruiting and a World Heavyweight Super Bowl.

More About Social Network Groups

In our first illustration, the 10 fighters had the potential to create 45 made fights for all of the promoters to seek to be on his show. When 5 more heavyweights register, the number of heavyweights who challenged and accept challenges was 15. The 5 additional heavyweight created an additional 60 made fights for a total of 105 heavyweight fights. Fan polling will provide promoters with valuable marketing data to evaluate before deciding which fights to choose for his show.

This exponential phenomena opens up unprecedented possibilities for a series of hundreds of heavyweight fights and hundreds of all-heavyweight fight cards for all of our licensee-promoters and our planned worldwide digital fight channel.

Another Scenario

In 2014 there were at least 58 free agent heavyweights in just the U.S. There are hundreds in the world. Who knows how many and whether that is even relevant with our model. In any event, If 40 of those 58 heavyweights registered, you would not expect all 40 to challenge every one of the other 39 heavyweights.

However, who knows their reaction when they hear that the revenue sharing model includes geographically distributed promoters and gives the boxers on the card 50% of the gross revenue from our digital fight channel revenue from the world wide distribution on the internet to hundreds of millions of subscribers, all going to the boxers and promoters according to performance based incentives.

All free agent heavyweight boxers may clamor to register and become a made fight with several of the Fighters Online heavyweight boxers. There will be a very strong incentive to be selected for all shows put on by a Fighters Online promoter-licensee because of our revenue model. The boxers will be very aware that their ability to put on an exciting fight will result in future opportunities to fight on shows promoted by Fighters Online promoter-licensees. The competition will result in an increase of the average of fans expressing in the polling their opponent preferences. All Fighters Online boxers and promoters will have identical incentives.

The gross income of a show based on performance of boxers selectively chosen from high-value shows will be extraordinary. It will reflect the value of polling for a growing number of boxers registered. The math still applies. Only 15 heavyweight boxers could create 105 heavyweight fights. Applying the math to 40 heavyweights could create 780 fights and 78 all-heavyweight shows. What if 300 of the 1,429 heavyweights in the world register?

Competitions organized between the promoters and fighters and a compelling revenue sharing model with identical incentives for participants will lead to an exceptional elimination tournament in every weight class. A Fighters Online Super Bowl is feasible and would be enormously successful.

Creating All-Heavyweight Cards Using Today's Numbers

There are 349 active pro heavyweight boxers in the U. S.. There are 1,130 pro heavyweight boxers in the world. There are also hundreds of outstanding heavyweight prospects who were not drafted by other professional sports. Some active NBA and NFL players may chose to register and challenge to fight off season.

If we assume that 400 of the 1,130 heavyweights in the world registered, one new heavyweight registering could challenge all 400 heavyweights and have all of his challenges accepted. Just one new heavyweight registering would increase the made fights by 400. If five new heavyweights registered and they all challenged the 400 heavyweights and all of their challenges were accepted, they would increase the database of made fights by 2,000.

Realistically, no heavyweight will challenge all 400 of the other registered heavyweights. But the application of the networking principle of our patented matchmaking method using the Internet is dramatic. It is very important to keep in mind this networking principle. It applies to every weight class with the same dramatic effect.

A Very Conservative Scenario

Applying the math to a very conservative situation, if we conservatively assume that only 25%, or 100, of the 400 heavyweights register, and that each of the 100 heavyweights challenged 10%, or 10 of the other heavyweights, that's 1000 challenges. Assume that 50%, or 5 of the 10 challenges of each of the 100 heavyweights, are accepted. That's 500 made fights.

That's enough for 50 all-heavyweight fight cards. That's unprecedented. And remember, these fights are made by the fighters and chosen by the promoter who has access to sophisticated, scientific fan polling. Promoters will be able to sort fights by fan polling and zip code and buy made fights between local heavyweights. Heavyweights will eagerly embrace an online system where they can sort a database of prospective opponents to find fighters who, according to fan polling, the fans want them to fight. Many promoters will also eagerly embrace an online system where they can sort through a database of heavyweight Made Fights to find fights which, according to fan polling, most fans want to see.

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