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Measuring and Improving Fighters' Speed, Acceleration,
and Power in Training and Show Performance on Television


We will develop our patent, "Qualitative Performance Measurement Optical Technology" to provide important additional information to trainers in the gym and to television fans before and during the telecast of digital fight content to enhance the fans' experience and enjoyment of a fight on our digital fight channel.

These insights and fascinating information on speed, acceleration, and force fluctuations during the fight will not only result in more drama and excitement for the television fans, but also for Fighters Online's boxers when they are using Fighters Onlines exclusive matchmaking technology to evaluate his choices. Our exclusive promoters will use the data which almost always supports our online interactive polling data and Opinion Surveys the fans send us during our fights. Our fans are very good at predicting specific results and seem to fully enjoy being respected so highly by our boxers and promoters whose royalties go up or down depending on whether they followed your choices.


Our device for measuring and developing speed and power will become as important to a boxers trainer as a stopwatch is to a track coach. Optical sensor motion digital technology can be assembled and programmed to transmit power readouts to trainers in the gym and on the television screen for fans during a fight.

The same technology using optical sensors can be used in training to monitor development of the fighter's speed, acceleration, and mechanical efficiency (leverage) of transferring body mass behind his punches.

Fighter Online intends to develop a demonstration prototype which will provide on the television screen performance data on the acceleration, speed, and force of each fighter's punches during each round and cumulatively at the end of each round and for the fight.


Televised boxing has not yet been enhanced with creative applications of performance technology demonstrated in telecasts of other sports. Two companies which have applied sports enhancement technology to other sports are Orad Hi-Tech Systems, Ltd and Sportvision, Inc.

Orad has an in house mastery of all key camera tracking technologies for virtual set, on air graphics, sports enhancement, product placement and virtual advertising applications. Orad Cybersport has developed live sports broadcast enhancement tools. CyberSport is also used for virtual advertising during the live TV broadcast of sports and entertainment events. This is technology that will be utilized in the targeted foreign advertising during fights carried on our digital fight channel.

Win-loss records often look good on paper but don't mean anything unless you know who they fought and the records of their opponents. Try to evaluate any other athlete or team based upon how many events they've won and lost. It's worthless without knowing their opponents and their records and who they played and those results.

A boxer's record of 10-0 with 10 KO's looks on paper like he's a devastating puncher. Fans think so because they can't evaluate all of his opponents. A boxer's record is often misleading. Boxing is the only sport where managers and promoters can pick opponents throughout the athlete's career, build up a misleading record, manipulate the ratings, and deceive the fans.

The "Tale of the Tape," is data about the fighter's physical measurements: height, weight, age, size of their neck, chest, biceps, waist, reach -- even their calves -- nothing to enable the fan to evaluate really exciting and relevant qualitative performance data.

"PowerStats" for Fights on Television

Our patent has been issued. It is titled "Methods and systems for providing quantitative assessment and relaying of fighter performance." Our patent describes a number of speed and power measurement and development techniques for products for (1) optical measurement for television display of power and speed stats, and (2) methods for measuring speed and power curves for boxing coaches to use in the gym.

Performance data in the corner of the television screen showing a comparison of each boxer's speed and power (mass or weight times acceleration) will let boxing fans know how fast fighters are and how hard they hit. Speed and power measurement devices are as critical in boxing as speed and a stopwatch are in track.

Fans will enjoy the excitement of real-time data on television to measure the speed and acceleration curves (power) of a boxer's punches and his conditioning during a fight relative to his opponent. If the fight were taped by trainers, managers and promoters, they would use it for later reference in matchmaking.

Television pre-fight performance data will reveal power patterns during each round in past fights in order for television sports programmers to make more competitive and exciting fights and avoid mismatches.Our patented optical sensing technology will be very important.

We cannot stress enough to millions of fans from everywhere how much performance data will mean to all of us at each of the Fighters Online's promotions in all of the major cities. We will work very hard to provide you with an unprecedented technology improvement that you will enjoy at every show. It will also have real value to fighters in creating "made fights" for promoters. It will be equally valuable to their promoters in choosing the most exciting fights.


A GYMCAM for measuring speed and power in the gym will have great value in a future plan we have to create a reality show filming a series of recruit events to select the best prospects for training huge inexperienced heavyweights. These huge athletes are in areas of the South Pacific, England, Africa, and the Caribbean. They are rich in athletes with championship potential. Some of these inexperienced fighters, with properly focused training have World Championship potential.

Our Matchmaking Technology

You may have heard about our matchmaking, how well it works, and all of its features which all add up to making it an almost indispensable resource for tapping the new worldwide market by our fighters and promoters. They will wonder how they ever got along without it.

Most fighters have wanted especially to be able to make their own fights and not depend on the integrity or judgement of some promoter's matchmaker. Our fighters will learn how to create royalties from digital fights. The fighters and their promoters will learn everything about this new age of technology. Purses will be supplemented by large royalties and residuals.

Value of Tracking a Fighter's Performance Data on Television

Many fight fans will track both fighters' performance when his favorite up-and-coming undiscovered fighter is fighting. These fans would desire to see the fighters' physical abilities shown on television as numerical evaluations in the corner of the television screen, a very sophisticated "Compubox" type of feature that is provided for boxers on television.

I would expect some fans of fighters who are quickly developing into main event fighters will rate fighters to evaluate the degree of improvement in their speed, and acceleration (rate of increase in speed). Some fans' comments in their responses to our Opinion Surveys indicate they were good in physics in school and understand the relevance of the fighters weight and acceleration. We are impressed by the fans' comments on their surveys.

There is no question that millions of fans are very serious about the fights and would be highly entertained with seeing and taking notes to track the performances and important stats of his favorite fighter. The number of punches thrown during the round are not nearly as important as the speed and power of his punches. He'll want to know the force (mass x acceleration) of his favorite fighter's punch that knocked his opponent out. To evaluate his fighter's conditioning compared to his opponent, he'll look for the stats on the cumulative force of his total punches thrown for each round.


Power statistics and correlated audio provided during a televised fight using existing sports enhancement technology will add significantly to records, the "Tale of the Tape" and "CompuBox," and will greatly enhance the fans' experience of drama and enjoyment of a fight.

Pattern recognition of the fluctuations in power, punch by punch, minute by minute, and round by round will become an invaluable evaluation and matchmaking tool for fighters in making fights, for promoters in picking fights for cards, for fans in polling and on television and for trainers in the gym.

Power curves displayed for fans during a fight on a corner of the television set will become more important than counting punches.

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