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Premium subscribers to Fighters Online will have a strong incentive to access at least once each day their favorite boxers' Scrapbook. Here, boxers, their fans, trainers, managers, and promoters, sports writers, publicists, and everyone else remotely connected to boxing, or an exciting heavyweight from another sport who has fought on Fighters Online, will save an enormous amount of time they would otherwise spend searching websites. At Fighter Scrapbook, they will find all current articles and a searchable archive of past articles about the boxer and videos of his past fights.

The benefits to a boxer are enormous. It functions as a very efficient and thorough news clipping service in real-time, which is organized for the boxer and those who support his career, to whom broad and deep information is important.

Sports writers by subscribing to FightAlert will be drawn to access the Scrapbook to be able to cut and paste in researching background. Preparing a great story will be easy. There will be no better publicity tool for promoters and publicists than the Fighter Scrapbook.

Press releases, magazine articles, videos of interviews and past fights, and coverage by newspapers whose sports staff has little or no knowledge of a particular boxer, will be easy with the sortable news data and searchable archive of the Fighter Scrapbook.

Every boxer and his family and thousands of his fans, and in some cases millions, will treasure for years access to the historical record of his career -- an online Fighter Scrapbook -- all in one place.

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