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Franchises of Teams of Heavyweight Natural Fighters


Integrating Virtual Reality Media with the
Physical World of Raw Heavyweight Talent

Strategically Locating Search Events in Areas to Film
and Discover Large Heavyweight Natural Fighters

A Coach's Realistic Fantasy

Football, basketball, and rugby coaches fantasize about the incredible World Heavyweight League championship team they could develop if they had all the draft choices we allow. In our new franchise WHL model, each franchise after their team's fight, is allowed up to ten draft choices to constantly compete with other franchises to constantly improve their team. This draft choice system will maximize the heavyweights' income and incentives in a new exploding world market.

Applying Identical Principles Used to
Identify Naturals at NFL Walk-On Events

We will apply the principles which are behind the extraordinary successes of talent searches of the walk-on events of the NFL and the major league farm clubs. We will select and apply exceptional proven training principles to train the recruited natural fighters who have a genetic advantage in size, power, acceleration, and speed, are naturally aggressive, like to fight, and can take a punch.

Each franchisee will select ten heavyweights from a large recruiting pool database which will include the very large athletes who did not make the NFL or NBA draft or recently retired. Among these many great heavyweight prospects, are many natural fighters who are interested in fighting on a team of heavyweight fighters.

Heavyweights who have excelled in another sport and have developed a high marquee value in many counties. This value is transferable where they and their sport, e.g., huge rugby players, are very popular. They have an opportunity to capitalize on their international marquee value and earn unprecedented royalties in one fight, as well as foreign advertising in many countries. Our features will enable them to challenge and make fights with other heavyweights who have achieved a similar marquee value in their sport.

A Natural Reality Show

We intend to produce The SEARCH an exciting reality show. It has all of the ingredients of a natural. The prospects have fascinating background stories in areas in the South Pacific, Caribbean and West Africa that are a filmmaker's dream. A valuable member of the recruiting and selection team, Lollo Heimuli, grew up in Tonga and is familiar with many of the best virgin areas of the world for finding great raw heavyweight street fighters. Our prospects for recruiting several potential world heavyweight champions are outstanding.

Brief History

Past heavyweight champions were, before they started boxing, undiscovered great prospects walking the streets. These champions were accidentally discovered because they were great street fighters.

George Foreman and Mike Tyson are only two of many examples. Films of their first sparring sessions and amateur fights show that they were first and foremost good athletes who were natural "bangers." They were street fighters who were born with exceptional power and speed.

The boxing business has never had any organized program to recruit great heavyweight prospects. Because of scholarships, the vast majority of great heavyweight prospects play football, basketball or rugby.


We have designed an efficient recruiting program which has a high probability for success. Important keys to success include the location of the program, the design and sequence of the selection process, and the offering of training scholarships.

Evaluation events will be held to evaluate key physical and mental factors. During these events financial support will be offered. With these and other keys to success in place,we will discover many great heavyweight prospects.

Potential Reality Show

The evaluating of a group of 6'5" 285-lb Rocky Marcianos and 6'5" 275-lb Mike Tysons, all natural street fighters, will create exciting content for a reality show.

A reality show would include film from the evaluation events. These events would not all be fighting events. Some would be designed to reveal those with the greatest size advantage, those who are the fastest, and those who hit the hardest.

The fighting events would reveal those who can take a punch, and those who are naturally aggressive in the ring.

Some Important Facts

Force is mass times acceleration. Natural punchers are born with a gift for accelerating their mass (their weight) behind their fists. We will employ proprietary methods for measuring and improving acceleration (the rate of increase in speed).

Sometimes outstanding fighters are born with exceptional physical and mental gifts. Good coaching enables them to become highly skilled "fighters." We will discover those natural fighters and develop their boxing skills.

Modern methods, including using existing optical sensory technology to measure acceleration curves, can be utilized to discover natural punchers in the same way the NFL uses various tests, such as the vertical jump and 40-yd sprint to find their prospects.

There are geographic areas with very high averages per capita of aggressive, large heavyweights with extraordinary acceleration and strength.

Implementation of planned sequential events will reveal outstanding super heavyweight prospects for training and competing in boxing.

As the fighters compete, some will exceed our estimates of their potential. Some will indicate unprecedented championship potential.

Several great prospects will be discovered. Their condition will be developed by excellent trainers at select training locations.

When ready, the prospects and their trainers will be offered opportunities to make their own fights online by using Fighters Online's matchmaking and challenge and accept challenges from other registered heavyweights.

Many will be anxious to compete on Fighters Online promotions of all-heavyweight boxing cards and realize royalty revenue under our new revenue sharing model.

NOTE: Accredited investors or corporate sponsors may have an interest in a sports and media venture of this nature. This is not a solicitation or offering to sell. To find out more, email John Black.


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